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What is Git, GitHub and GitLab?

4 Mins read
Git is a version control system that tracks all changes made to a file or set of files and versions of these…

What is Google Analytics?

1 Mins read
Google Analytics is a service designed by the Google company. This service, which operates completely free of charge, has been preferred by…

What is Software Testing?

3 Mins read
Software testing is a process that checks if a system or software meets the specified requirements. The factors that should be considered…

What is Kubernetes? How does Kubernetes work?

3 Mins read
The word for Kubernetes comes from Greek and means helmsman or pilot. You can see Kubernetes written as K8s in most sources….

What is Jenkins?

2 Mins read
Jenkins is the leading open-source Continuous Integration tool. It provides over 1000 plugins to support the creation and testing of almost any…

What is DevOps?

1 Mins read
DevOps is a bridge between development and operations. It is a set of tools, applications, and approaches designed to help organizations software…