How to Measure Quality of Software?

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The software offers many different solutions that many people spend time and make our lives easier, and the opinions and expectations of each individual for each software are different. One of the procedures to prevent any problem for the software is to measure the quality of the software. The measurement process is a process performed with many different criteria and models of these criteria. With these measurements, it provides the opportunity to get rid of the data of the people based on their own thoughts, namely the arguments about the management, and make a measurable evaluation on the quality of the software. It is beneficial for the desired software to be successful in quality measurement.

Quality software will always provide good results in meeting a requirement and doing a job capable of meeting this service’s needs. It will lead to the next choice of the person receiving the service provided. Another quality indicator will be one of these indicators for producing and consuming to minimize the cost of the work done. For the person who develops the software, the main goal should be quality assurance, of course, this represents the same goal for the consumer.


How to Measure Quality?

There are many different criteria for measuring software quality. These criteria can be determined by the customer or the company that develops the software. It is to deliver the product that is suitable for these criteria by the manufacturer, in a reliable manner from its quality. These criteria should depend on the customer as well as the manufacturer’s own criteria that require a principle to do the job. This exists in accordance with the purpose of making the product of higher quality. First of all, it is necessary to consider the management of the project to be carried out, for the measurement of quality, that is, income statement or later requirements, or it can be started by providing management against the precautionary measure. It would then be useful for the manufacturer to carry out an external evaluation of the software product.

It is the next step to check the errors and yield to see the deficiencies in quality. The third step is to ensure that the previous external control is internal, that is, to control the inside of the software. It will be an advantage to ensure that the software is portable, suitable for reuse, and the software made with flexibility can always be modified and developed as desired. Besides, the most important thing is not to skip the ease of maintenance. The quality of the resources used is, finally, an important step. Measuring the efficiency levels of the people who make and undertake the software here is to be aware of how much efficiency it gives to every work. Some of the criteria that you can measure the quality of the software are as follows;

  • Cost
  • Time
  • Test
  • Maintenance
  • Design Layout
  • Ease of Use
  • Intelligibility
  • Reusability
  • Productivity

Benefits of Quality Measurement

Since the benefits in measuring the quality of the software will be a criterion for not seeing the margins of error in the software developed, providing a concrete indicator for the customer who will receive the software to see the software quality, testing the reliability and proving the performance compared to other software manufacturers that may be a competitive environment.

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