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What is Performance Testing and Types of Performance Testing?

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The test performed to understand whether a system will meet the requirements is called the performance testing. Performance testing is a test used in hundreds of business areas. However, the tests we examine in this regard are those belonging to the software field.

These are the tests that measure the quality of the software product you have and see how stable it will perform under specified workloads.

Types of performance testing:

1) Load Testing
2) Stress Testing
3) Spike testing
4) Endurance testing
5) Scalability Testing
6) Volume Testing

1) Load Testing

The purpose of the load testing is to reveal the maximum load that the system can carry. In this test, the limits of the system are forced and the behaviors under maximum load are examined. In the load testing, the limits of the system are handled rather than the errors that occur in the system.

2) Stress Testing

As the name implies, in the stress testing, the system is literally stressed. The boundaries of the system are forced by making instant requests with maximum users. Another purpose of the stress test is to see how long the system will recover after encountering an error.

3) Spike Testing

How does the system behave in spikes or how does the system behave when the number of users drops instantly? These are the tests performed in response to questions such as.

4) Endurance Testing

This type of performance testing is used to determine how long the system can handle the extented load without any deterioration of response time.

5) Scalability Testing

The purpose of the scalability test is to determine the effectiveness of the software application on “scaling” to support the increase in user load. The aim is to measure at which point the application stops scaling and to identify the reason behind it.

6) Volume Testing

The aim is to check the performance of the software application under variant database volumes. It is performed to control how the system behaves in the instant load increase in the database.

Why to perform Performance Testing?

There are many reasons for performing performance tests. In general, we can list the reasons as follows:

⦁ It is used to measure how much performance the system will perform under the specified load.
⦁ It allows you to see the maximum performance of the system.
⦁ It is important for the steps to be taken to achieve the desired performance according to the performance of the system.

Performance Testing Tools

There are a lot of tools that can perform the performance testing but the followings are the most commonly used:

  • Apache JMeter
  • Micro Focus LoadRunner
  • WebLoad
  • LoadComplete
  • Neoload

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