What are Bug, Defect and Error? What are the Differences?

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The meanings of Bug, Defect and Error are often confused terms. It often appears in the software industry. It is necessary to know what these concepts are in order to produce solutions. Problems can be solved with the correct detection of errors.

What is Bug?

Bug is a term used for system errors in the software industry. It is a term confused with Defect. Although they seem like synonyms, bug represents coding errors in the system.
It was named after a real insect that entered between two computers in 1947 and disrupted the system. From that day on, the word bug is used for things that went wrong in the computer and software.

What is Defect?

Defects are a software malfunction. It covers physical and logical errors made during development. Often confused with the bug, this term is caused by problems that the software developer overlooked.
Even though it is described as an error, it is actually a flaw. Their solutions can be short or long and tiring.

What is Error?

Error is a human-induced code error in the software industry. It is used for the malfunctions that occur while software developers are writing code. Usually the error is caught by the compiler, indicating that the code is incorrect.

Error can cause the software to fail. It is also possible that it will remain in the software as long as it goes unnoticed. It also causes the device from which the software is made to crash. For this reason, errors must be corrected after they are noticed.

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What are the differences between Bug, Error and Defect?

The terms Bug, Error and Defect refer to human or system problems at the time of writing the codes. These concepts are confused because they are frequently used on the same subject.

Errors may occur due to human reasons as well as due to system problems. Error and Defect are human-induced errors. Bug is a concept that arises due to both system and external factors.

Bug, Defect and Error are found by different people. During software development, it appears in different stages. The software developer finds the Error and the test engineer finds the Defect. Both of them can find the Bug.

Error is caused by all kinds of human effects. Defect is that the system behaves unexpectedly. Bug is a term used for all kinds of problems caused by external influences. For this reason, there are differences in the processes of analyzing, detection and solution.

The Bug is considered a bug when the defect is noticed by the development team. There is a chance that it will not be noticed at all. Defect is the occurrence of an unexpected situation in the expected situation. It is found by testers. Error is the deviation from the expected value. It is easy to notice since there are errors in coding.

What is Software Testing?

The purpose of software testing is to detect defects. Software testing ensures that errors found in coding are found with the participation of the test engineer. In this way, errors are corrected and prevented from being a defect.

software testing

The most important rule in software testing is that it covers not only expected situations but also unexpected situations. In this way, it shows the results that the test engineer expected as well as the results that he/she did not expect. It plays a very important role in finding defects. Software testing starts when needed. It may vary according to what is intended to be done. It is necessary to avoid problems with the software that reaches the user at the last stage. Every software needs to be tested by engineers before it can be released.

The concepts of Bug, Defect and Error do not only come across to people in the software industry. It comes across users as well. Software and test engineers aim to minimize errors encountered by the end user. Thus, efforts are made for a perfect code.

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