What is Docker and What are the Advantages?

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The most used “Container” platform in the world is Docker. It is a technology built on Linux Containers (LXC). Docker is a software platform that allows you to quickly compile, test, and distribute your applications. Docker packages the software into standardized units called containers, which contains everything required for the software to run, including libraries, system tools, code, and runtime.

How Does It Work?

Docker, a technology based on LXC (Linux Container), creates containers that work in isolation from each other on the same Linux operating system. Each container uses a process so that containers can be easily reproduced. Also, Docker does not have a Hypervisor layer unlike conventional virtual machines (VMware, VirtualBox, etc.). Instead, it accesses the host operating system through the Docker Engine and uses shared system resources.

In fact, in a way, it can be said that the Docker looks like a virtual machine. However, unlike the virtual machine, instead of creating a fully virtual operating system, it allows applications to use the same Linux kernel as the system they are working on. This provides a significant increase in performance and reduces the size of the application. One of the most important things is that Docker is open-source. So everyone can contribute to Docker and help its development.

Hypervisor vs Docker
Hypervisor vs Docker

What is Docker Image?

Docker images are prepared packages used to create containers that contain applications. This contains the whole information about the environment, applications, configurations and etc. for creating containers.

What is Docker Container?

Environments that run or are ready to run on the host operating system derived from Docker images are called the Docker Containers.

What is Dockerfile?

Docker-specific file structure with predefined rules and commands for Docker image generation.

What is DockerHub?

DockerHub is a community repository where Docker images are shared. Many official images are hosted on this platform. You can create an account and store your Docker images on this platform.

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What are the Advantages?

  • Docker does not use Hypervisor and does not have a fully loaded operating system, so it works in seconds and is ready to use.
  • Docker stores all the infrastructure requirements of your software as code. This is one of the most important features of Docker. With this feature, you can easily browse, duplicate, or share your software on different service providers.
  • Docker can do great things with very few resources. The main reason for this is the container technology it uses.
  • When unexpectedly high traffic comes to your applications, many containers become ready in seconds and minimize your load.
  • Docker places your applications on a standard environment, ensuring that they work the same on every platform.
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