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What is Software Test Automation and Types of Test Automation?

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Test automation is the testing of software or a system automatically on test devices through prepared scenarios according to requirements. It aims to test software or systems to minimize the margin of error and reduce the human workforce. Thanks to this process, the efficiency levels of the tests, which are repeated and whose manual execution creates an operational load, are increased. While test automation emphasizes testing, it is essentially a software development process. Test automation requires expertise and successful teamwork. Professionalism and determination in this area are the two most effective criteria in terms of process and results.

Why to Use?


One of the most important questions about software test automation is the question of why they need to be in the cycle of development. Performing repetitive test activities with software test automation ensures operational blindness as well as increased efficiency and quality. In addition, significant benefits are obtained in terms of lowering the workforce.

Types of Software Test Automation

  • Web Applications
  • Mobile Applications
  • Desktop Applications

In software test automation types; web, mobile, and desktop applications stand out. Standard testing principles are generally considered in desktop and web applications. Today, these standard test principles appear and are used in mobile application tests.

1) Web Applications

There are many web applications that need to be tested with thousands of features. Every new feature or request can impact the other features that already been implemented in the software or the system. Therefore, all the features of the software should be tested significantly. Test Automation Process offers that most of the features can be automated by test automation experts or developers and tested on automation machines. For example; if you have a login feature on your website and need to be tested 1000 times with different credentials, its nearly impossible to do this with the human workforce. So, in this step, test automation stands out.

2) Mobile Applications

Mobile applications are very popular in almost every industry. We use mobile applications frequently and they are now a part of our lives. There are many mobile applications and mobile devices with specific features. Every application should be tested on different kinds of mobile devices. You may automate the mobile functionalities with the test automation process and build a system that can test the software every time.

3) Desktop Applications

The popularity of desktop applications is decreasing with the increasing use of web and mobile applications. It can be automated in the test automation process in desktop applications used by corporate companies. Integration between applications in such companies and testing of old technology desktop applications is very important. It can be automated along with the test automation process in a large scale application in the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) sector such as SAP.

What are Software Testing Types?

Some of the software test types are also made to facilitate automation tasks. For example, some important errors in software automation applications are detected by Ad-Hoc tests. The tester tries out various scenarios by putting himself in the customer’s shoes. In this way, they can realize important errors. However, it should be remembered that automation is not a method that replaces manual tests.

  • User Acceptance Testing
  • Accessibility Testing
  • Ad-Hoc Testing
  • Agile Testing
  • API Testing
  • Test Automation
  • Backward Compatibility Testing
  • Beta Testing
  • Alpha Testing

User Acceptance Testing

It is a test applied to the customer to determine whether a system meets the acceptance criteria and to accept the software. It is a type of test that is mostly performed by the customer or test experts by testing the end-user perspective.

Accessibility Testing

It is a type of test that measures usability. The evaluation phase is carried out by people with disabilities.

Ad-Hoc Testing

These are the types of tests performed to determine the duration of all tests to be performed. It is among the applications carried out by test teams.

Agile Testing

These are tests performed by expert test teams in general. In practice, testing is done using agile manifesto principles.

API Testing

It is a type of test done at the code level and test of a module created to use certain functions of any application in other applications.

Test Automation

It is an automatic testing process. Automated tests are run, reported, and evaluated during this test process.

Backward Compatibility Testing

These are the tests that measure the accuracy of the behavior of the software developed between the old version and the new version in the test environment.

Beta Testing

Beta version of the software is distributed to a certain number of users and allowed to test software. Users examine the system, when he/she finds any problems, notifies the developer.

Alpha Testing

Operational testing by a potential user, customer or independent testing team in the software developer’s own environment but outside the control of the software development team. Alpha testing is usually done for packaged software in the form of internal acceptance tests.

What are the Tools for Test Automation?

There are many test automation applications or tools. Some of the most used and popular are as follows;

  • Selenium
  • Appium
  • Micro Focus Unified Functional Testing (UFT)
  • UFT Developer (LeanFT)
  • Silk Test
  • Ranorex
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