What is Software Testing?

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Software testing is a process that checks if a system or software meets the specified requirements.

The factors that should be considered while testing software can be listed as follows;

  • The processes that are seen as the most critical in software tests should be tested first.
  • Test scenarios should be categorized to specify priorities between them.
  • The testing environment should be set up correctly.
  • All the test scenarios should be prepared according to software requirements.
  • It should be tested in negative scenarios as well as positive scenarios.

Why to perform Software Testing?

Software testing is a must nowadays. While the project is growing, the error rate will increase accordingly. Developers are human and humans make mistakes. So, every software or a system should be tested under the required conditions to minimize the errors that can occur.

What causes the software to replicate errors?

There are too many factors that we can say but here a few;

  • Software and systems are products of people. People are always likely to make mistakes.
  • Tight deadlines.
  • Requirement documents that are not well prepared.
  • The skills of the developer.
  • Environment issues.
  • Integration issues.

It is also necessary to perform the software test to the right environment in the right way. Software testing can be done until you are sure that all the functional features of the software are working. The number of errors that occur with the software test and what errors occur determines the trust in the software.

Stages of Software Testing

There are stages to follow while testing the software.

  • Planning
  • Specifying the conditions of the test
  • Prepare the test scenarios
  • Execute test scenarios
  • Report and review the results
  • Closing

In addition, there are stages such as reviewing requirements and source codes. With such processes, the analysis phase is part of the software test. Software testing should always be considered during the software development process. In this regard, it should be prepared against possible malfunctions, and it should be noted that there should be tests in the development process.

Software Testing Types

Many types of tests are used in software development processes. The test types are as follows;

  • Unit Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • Qualification Testing
  • System Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

Unit Testing

Known as the White Box among developers. Necessary tests are carried out on the code level to determine whether the required processes in the software requirements are met.

Integration Testing

One of the tests performed by software testers is integration testing. In this test, it is aimed to transfer the software from the development stage to the test environment. Ensuring that the software is properly integrated with different modules, software, systems, and environment. The necessary actions are taken for the solution of the errors that occur and the processes continue until all errors are over.

Qualification Testing

Test experts make a qualification test by checking whether the software meets the required procedures. Tests are prepared for all functional or non-functional requirements. Errors in this regard are forwarded to software experts and in a vicious circle continue to solve the problem.

System Testing

In system testing, testers check whether the software meets the required system requirements. Accordingly, test scenarios are prepared and system testing is done. Errors occurring in the system testing are forwarded to the software developer and required actions are taken to resolve the problems. This process continues in a vicious circle until the problems are solved.

Performance Testing

Software test experts measure the usage rates of the resources by revealing all the performance evaluations of the software. These processes are applied until the problems in performance testing are eliminated.

Regression Testing

The software must be constantly up to date. From time to time, new features are added to the software. In this case, it should be tested whether the changes cause any errors in the software. At this stage, the regression test is introduced into the process. It is checked if the existing or newly added features in the system related to the changes made with this test are working properly.

Usability Testing

All scenarios are tested in order to get a definite opinion on whether the processes in the software are working correctly. It is determined whether the functions requested by the users are working or not. After determination, reports related to relevant evidence are prepared.

User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

User Acceptance Testing is a test which is performed by a end-user perspective. It is the last stage of the software testing process. During this type of testing, actual users or testers test the software or system to ensure that it can handle required tasks by testing real-world scenarios, according to requirements and specifications.

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