What is Visual Studio Code (VSCode)?

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Today, programming languages have started to move to an independent area. Any operating system must be available to develop with a programming language. In the last few years, Microsoft has adapted to this change and started to produce open source products and platform-independent technologies. With Microsoft .NET, it is now possible to develop on Mac OS and Linux platforms.

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Visual Studio Code (VSCode) is an open-source editor which is developed by Microsoft. Since the project is completely open-source, it is actually developed by hundreds of contributors. The application runs on Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows as it has multi-platform support and offers support for many programming languages for programmers. VSCode is an application developed on the Electron framework with TypeScript. With its widespread use, its popularity is increasing considerably.

VSCode Extensions

It is possible to say that extensions are the heart of VSCode. The editor gets a stronger and more flexible structure with the extensions. It is worth mentioning that since it is an open-source project, there are thousands of extensions developed by many contributors. It offers code completion, lint implementation, debugging, and refactoring support for hundreds of other programming languages with rich extensions available from the Visual Studio Code marketplace.

coding extensions

You can access the marketplace from this link to examine the extensions for Visual Studio Code.

Main Features of Visual Studio Code

  • Open-source.
  • Extended code refactoring support.
  • Supports platform-independent (cross-platform) code development. (Mac OS X, Linux and, Windows)
  • Code IntelliSense support.
  • Offers Code Debugger.
  • Powerful extensions variety.
  • It is fast and stable.
  • Customizable User Interface.
  • Offers Code Snippets support that can be easily integrated.
  • Access to multiple terminals and ease of use.
  • Built-in support for GIT integration.
  • Convenient use with advanced shortcuts.
  • Supports many kinds of themes.

How can I get VSCode?


Visual Studio Code has taken over a large part of the market, surpassing important competitors such as Atom and Sublime Text.

To download VSCode and take advantage of its advanced features, you can follow the link below and easily download the version for the operating system you are using.

Download Visual Studio Code (VSCode)

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