WordPress 5.5 is Released – What are the changes?

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WordPress 5.5 is officially released. There are changes that affect the different areas of the system. Let’s look at what has been changed on this new release.



In WordPress 5.5, images become visible when scrolled into the browser’s visible area. The technical equivalent of this event is Lazy Loading. Your articles and pages will be felt faster thanks to the images that will be loaded while you are browsing. Images can have a great impact on your stories, but sometimes they can slow your site down. With the Lazy Loading feature added in this version, your websites will become more efficient and more flexible for your visitors. On mobile, Lazy Loading also provides your visitors to charge less for data and consume less battery.



WordPress sites work well with search engines. By default, now WordPress 5.5 includes an XML sitemap that helps search engines discover your most important pages when you add new content. Before this release, it was required to use custom plugins to create your sitemap. More people find your site earlier, giving them more time to engage, retain, and convert them into subscribers, customers, or anything else that fits your definition of success.


wordpress configuration

Auto Updates for Themes and Plugins

Now, it is possible to set themes or plugins to be updated automatically. This feature can be configured on the WordPress admin screen. You can also turn this feature on or off for each plugin or theme. So you can ensure that you have the latest code to work on.

Update by uploading ZIP files

If you like to install plugins and themes yourself, you always have a chance to upload the ZIP file from the WordPress admin screen.

There are also many changes to the customizing side. You can follow the official guide to learn more via WordPress 5.5 Field Guide.

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